Hyperhidrosis services offered in Woodmere and Westbury, NY

Excessive sweating can be a source of embarrassment or anxiety in professional and social settings and is generally uncomfortable for you. Comprehensive Dermatology in Woodmere and Westbury, New York, provides hyperhidrosis treatments to control or even stop your sweating entirely. Call Comprehensive Dermatology for more information on hyperhidrosis and its treatments, or schedule an appointment online today.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessive sweating, often in commonly sweaty areas like your armpits or the palms of your hands. It happens even under circumstances where sweating isn’t likely — the sweating isn’t limited to times when you’re exercising or overheating. 

While a little extra sweat might not sound like a big deal, the excess sweat can cause embarrassment, anxiety, and general discomfort from always being damp. Fortunately, Comprehensive Dermatology offers several options for hyperhidrosis treatment. 

What causes hyperhidrosis?

You sweat because it’s your body’s natural way of cooling you down when you overheat. The sweat glands in your skin connect to your nervous system, which alerts them when you’re feeling hot. You can also sweat naturally when you’re anxious. 

There are two main forms of hyperhidrosis stemming from different causes:

Primary hyperhidrosis

Primary hyperhidrosis is a genetic type of the condition that has no link to any other diagnosis. If you have primary hyperhidrosis, your sweat glands are naturally overactive because of sporadic nerve signals in the affected areas. Common areas include your face, armpits, and the soles of your feet. 

Secondary hyperhidrosis

Secondary hyperhidrosis develops because of some other underlying condition, often one that affects your nervous system. Diabetes, certain infections, and thyroid problems are a few examples. You can also get secondary hyperhidrosis because of certain medications you take. 

How is hyperhidrosis treated?

Comprehensive Dermatology offers several options for hyperhidrosis treatment. Some are medications you take orally, while others are applied topically. There are also surgeries and procedures to minimize excessive sweating. 

Botox®, which many people know as a treatment for wrinkles, is a very common treatment for hyperhidrosis and is available at Comprehensive Dermatology. It works by inhibiting the nerve signals that influence your sweat glands. Other options for treatment include:

  • Prescription antiperspirant
  • Antidepressants
  • Oral nerve-block medications
  • Microwave therapy
  • Sweat gland removal surgery
  • Nerve surgery

Surgical procedures are usually the last resort for hyperhidrosis. The Comprehensive Dermatology team typically recommends medications, topicals, and injections first. 

Hyperhidrosis can be both uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing. For more information on treatments for excessive sweating, call Comprehensive Dermatology or schedule an appointment online today.